…did he just do the hammer shuffle on ICE SKATES?

holy poop he DID.


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working retail, in a nutshell 

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Get To Know Me Meme: Five TV Shows (4/5)
 The Mighty Boosh

“Come on then, let’s have it. Every day you’re late and every day another crazy excuse. What is this time? Lego avalanche trapped you, did it? Your pyjamas turned into nitrogen and you got stuck on the ceiling of your bedroom? Giant kingfisher came into your room and pecked you under the duvet? Got your jodphurs caught on a magic hedgehog? I write them down, you know. What is it? A scarecrow took you to Paris?

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Well, what are the four forces, then?

Well, what are the four forces, then?

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i live a simple life. i wake pies and make the dead.

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